About Us

Mission Statement

The One Way Gospel Team Members are dedicated to equipping the body of Christ with a steadfast heart for the work of service during our stay here on earth as we eagerly await the return of the King. We strive to activate people, showing them how to share the Gospel and how to reach the lost through outreach, one-on-one discipleship, and training events. These discipleship trainings occur within the framework of teaching the Gospel of the Kingdom and the foundational elements of our faith, as outlined in Hebrews 6:1-2.

Who Owns The Shop?

 Ever Calamaco is owner and operator of the OWGShop, which serves as a dedicated online platform for members of the One Way Gospel Ministry to promote their ministry efforts and generate financial support. This digital storefront not only showcases products but also embodies the personal commitment and collective efforts of individuals within the ministry. This online shop helps members extend the reach of their mission, engage with a broader audience, and cultivate resources to further their impactful work for spreading the Gospel of the Kingdom.

How Do Collections Work?

Each collection is dedicated to a member of the One Way Gospel Ministry Team. The items showcased in each collection are owned by the respective member and are produced by their own account. 100% of the profits go to the owners of the collections. 50% of the profits from the One Way Gospel collection go to the ministry as a donation. The products in this collection are produced by Ever.

How Do I Connect?

You can email us at connect@onewaygospel.com. Or visit us on OneWayGospel.com for more content.